JBay Solutions

Development, consulting and project support. We mostly use Java, Android and Open Source software.

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About JBay

Over 10 years experience developing solutions,

growing and creating partnerships with our clients

What We Do

We develop custom made web applications since 2009

JBay Solutions is a strategic partner of True-Kare, who trusted us with the development of the complete software solution and infrastructure management. This complete solution assures the delivery of True-Kare's innovative service, awarded with the United Nations WSA Award , presented by the UN (United Nations).

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JBay Solutions has a central part in the materialization and development of inovative projects that arise inside Olisipo. All internal tools used to provide operational support to the growth felt at Olisipo over the last year were developed by JBay Solutions.

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Software Services

JBay Solutions is a group of experienced Java specialists, with a primary focus on JavaEE, GWT, Play2, Android, SOA, Web Services, Database and systems integration.

We, at JBay Solutions are very service oriented. We mainly develop complete solutions for our clients and partners.

Through our partners network we provide project consulting services to help their clients.

Infrastructure Services

JBay Solutions has a team of specialists in systems architectures, with a strong focus in Java middleware and Linux operating systems. We are experienced in a variety of application servers, which we use in several of our client projects.

Infrastructure maintenance as a service is available only for clients with whom we have software development projects.

Infrastructure consulting services are available through our partner network and is mainly focused in performance tuning of application servers, setup and configuration of application architectures and overall troubleshooting.

Our stack