Software Development

Software Development

At JBay Solutions we are specialists with great experience in the development of Web Applications, Portals, Mobile Applications, Database integrations, API development and System integrations.

JBay Solutions is very service oriented.

We not only develop end-to-end solutions for our Clients and Partners, but also do development together with our Client and Partner development teams when there is one.

Through out Partners we also offer many consulting services that help our Clients and their clients.

Development of your Project

How we work


Requirements Gathering

Many times our Clients have only one idea of what they would like their Software would do.
The first step of this process is to gather as much knowledge as possible and understand your needs, to structure your ideas and develop and Requirements Document.



With the approval of the Requirements Document, the development plan is made.
In this Planing the several stages and milestones of the software development are described and the intermediate deliveries for testing are scheduled.



During the development phase, the team from JBay Solutions will make your ideas come to life.
The development will be made like previously defined in the planning phase, with regular progress reports.



JBay Solutions together with the Client will subject the developments to rigorous testing in order to ensure everything works as expected.
In case a certification is necessary for the new Solutions, we can always count on our partnerSQS Portugal to help out.



As soon as the development and testing are done and approved, the Solutions is made availables without delays or complications.
For Clients that so desire, JBay Solutions has a hosting service for the solutions we developed.



Because the world is changing, and new needs arise, or problems come to light, JBay Solutions has a Corrective and Evolutive Maintenance Service available, so that your Software Solution doesn't stay stopped in time and evolves with your Business.

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