About JBay Solutions

Who are we

Since 2009 creating tailor made solutions that fit the needs of big Companies and Startups. We develop end to end solutions from scratch or using your selected stack to improve our Clients and Partners business.

Created in 2009 JBay Solutions from the need of several Startups to have a trusted company to help them with the development of their software solutions, and infrastructure design and maintenance.

Since our first days we invested and specialized in the technologies that we use for the development of our Clients solutions. The constant evolution of technological paltforms that we use on our day to day and our focus in being specialized in new emergent technologies is a priority at JBay Solutions.

JBay Solutions has a central role in the growth of our Clients and Partners, mainly with the development of internal aplications that provide operational support to the growth our Partner companies have been having in the past years.

At JBay Solutions we have been pivotal in the development of inovative projects that come out of Startup Incubators having our software solutions been awarded international recognition and prizes, such as the WAS award by the United Nations.

Our Services

Development, consulting and support for Java based projects, Mobile apps and Open Source tecnologies.

Software Development

Development Consulting

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